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Advice for the TMT Industry

How we use technology and the role it plays in our day to day lives is almost unrecognisable compared to even a decade ago. Rapidly changing, it is a constant challenge to stay relevant and create products and services which are desirable by increasingly discerning and demanding consumers.

Success is not limited to the major conglomerates; as long as you have a good idea which serves a need, the market is there to take advantage of. With the right product offering growth can be exponential, going from a small start-up to a major player within a short space of time. This creates opportunities for some, but also represents a challenge for established technology companies who are under pressure to remain relevant and innovative while also dealing with the inefficiencies associated with antiquated products which are no longer profitable.

Advancements not only in technological capabilities but also consumer expectations makes this one of the fastest-moving and competitive industries around. Resting on your laurels is not a possibility; failure to adapt will see you get left behind. In this rapidly changing climate we can move quickly, implementing robust solutions to your most pressing concerns and processes to realise your future ambitions.

It is part and parcel of such a rapidly developing sector that as new markets emerge, others reach maturation; knowing when to divest of these more mature business arms to channel funds into new ventures is vital for long-term success. Established businesses may also find future pursuits encumbered by obsolete technological offerings or antiquated complex business structures which drain both funds and resources. Our restructuring experts can implement a carefully considered business simplification process to rid the company of inefficiencies and stand it in good stead for long-term planning.

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As the world becomes increasingly digital, we can help you penetrate global markets while making you aware of the limitations which are likely to present themselves. We will ensure you remain compliant of international regulations and ascertain whether your product offering is relevant to these new markets.

How we consume media is forever changed, with the industry now comprising an array of channels including apps, gaming, advertising, publishing, television, music, and film. The pace of development is unrelenting and only likely to accelerate further. The emergence of blockchain technology, plus the expected innovations within VR and AI lays the ground for future advancements as well as presenting potentially lucrative opportunities for tech and media companies. 

Our innovative approaches match with your dedication to create revolutionary products. Whether entering new markets, or creating new ones entirely, knowing what to prioritise and how to approach the devising of a sustainable yet scalable business model is key to long-term success. We will ensure your business is structurally and operationally sound while remaining agile enough to seize emerging opportunities and possibilities as they appear.

An interdisciplinary team, we will begin by assessing your market share, conduct in-depth competitor analysis and investigate your operational structure to ensure you are performing at optimal levels. Inefficiencies will be highlighted and processes implemented to combat these. Immediate liquidity issues will be addressed and funding will be introduced should this be deemed appropriate and serviceable. For media and technology companies who are experiencing signs of distress, our restructuring and turnaround experts will help steady the ship while a robust and workable strategy is implemented to effect its recovery. If the business has ceased to be viable in the current climate, appropriate closure options will be discussed which will allow the company to cease operations while minimising the impact on creditors and other key stakeholders.

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