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In a volatile and uncertain landscape, business has never been more challenging. With challenges, however, also come opportunities, yet being able to seize these when they arise is often contingent on having the right finance in place. Sourcing appropriate funding can be a serious challenge itself and the assistance of an experienced team of commercial finance experts can be invaluable.

A considered approach to financing your business is vital; chosen incorrectly finance can become a heavy burden on a business, hindering rather than helping operations. Yet provided it is well thought-out and carefully costed, borrowing can propel a business forward into realms it would otherwise be unable to reach using solely its own financial reserves. Access to the right funding can support a company in its day-to-day activities as well as help realise its growth potential. Considering both long and short-term needs, we will ensure your finance options are structured in a way which works now and will also be appropriate in the future.

Whether you represent a company in financial distress or one eager to take advantage of opportunities presented by a surge in activity, ensuring capital is raised and sourced from the most appropriate channels is key to long-term sustainability and suitability.

Optimal debt levels will be explored and the company will be stress tested to ensure it is in a position to adhere to its financial obligations under a variety of situations. The company’s existing facilities will be considered and an exploration of whether these could be extended or refinanced to allow you to better realise your ambitions will be undertaken. Alternatively we will seek out new funding channels to compliment or replace existing borrowing.

Whether you want a scalable model such as invoice financing or factoring to ensure smooth cash flow, asset-based lending (ABL) to support machinery or vehicular purchases, or whether a huge injection of capital is required to fund expansion into new markets, we have access to the entire market which allows us to source the most cost-effective way of securing the chosen funding. 

We will consider mainstream lenders as well as investigate more niche lending arenas such as crowdfunding and angel investment before selecting the finance deal best aligned to the company and the proposed utilisation of the funds before negotiating the most favourable terms with the lender.

Sourcing finance is part of a wider service offered by our commercial finance team, with recoveries being an important additional offering. Utilising the company’s available liquidity rather than turning to outside finance providers is by far the most cost-effective funding option. We will endeavour to make your capital reserves work more efficiently thereby reducing the reliance on potentially expensive third party borrowing.

Current capital management processes will be explored to reduce inefficiencies and cut overheads where possible. Our sales ledger management service identifies those debts which are highly unlikely to be recoverable and highlighting those where collection remains a possibility. Revisiting current collection methods and putting protocols in place for better debtor book management going forwards which will reduce exposure and help shield the business from accruing bad debt.

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