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In difficult and unchartered economic and political landscapes, many companies from multinational corporations through to owner-managed enterprises are finding it necessary to reconsider their organisational and operational structure in order to survive. Reacting promptly to shareholder concerns, our team will move in to support the company as it begins a process of restructuring to effect its eventual turnaround.

Micro and macro environmental effects will be considered not only to get to the heart of the company’s distress, but also to devise and implement a plan to ensure the business emerges in a strong position maximising its chance of remaining resilient against future threats. Preserving value is a key consideration at this time and our trusted advisors will work alongside key stakeholders to ensure this is achieved.

Partner-led service from start to finish

Our team of restructuring and turnaround experts will consider a variety of options to expedite the company’s transformation. This could include a process of business simplification and streamlining, working capital improvement, or more formal procedures such as a CVA or administration.

Undertaking an evaluation of the company’s cash flow, a robust plan will be implemented to improve working capital management going forwards. Taking both an immediate as well as a long-term view, steps will be taken to release and ultimately improve liquidity, reducing the reliance on outside funding.

Free & Independent Business Review

Streamlining and simplification

Should the company have developed or inherited a complex corporate structure, perhaps as a result of prior mergers or acquisitions, or organically through a period of accelerated business growth, we can facilitate a business simplification procedure to improve efficiency, cut unnecessary costs, and tightly manage risk and areas susceptible to compliance weakness. Unprofitable arms of the company will be scaled back or removed completely, with the improved liquidity and liberated resources being channelled towards growing more financially beneficial services or product lines.

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