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Having the right advisers on board can help maximise returns whether buying or selling a company. Equally proficient with both acquisitions and disposals, RBR Advisory’s dedicated corporate finance team are specialists in the mid-market arena.

Our team will take the time to understand shareholder wishes and use these to drive the deal through to completion. Helping you see the risks as well as the opportunities in any proposed deal, we work towards optimised outcomes whether engaged in a buying or selling capacity, and aim to add real value to any deal, not only financially, but strategically and operationally too.

Our sector-focused approach allows for tailored advice to be imparted taking into account industry challenges, changes, or any special considerations which need to be given, as well as allowing us to market a disposal to investors specialising in your sector. Our ability to operate globally means no business is out of reach and we are adept at bridging cultural and operational differences during globe-spanning transactions.

Delivering full buy-side support from identifying an acquisition target on your behalf, or advising on a company you have already set your sights on. Providing comprehensive support, from deal origination, negotiation and enhanced due diligence, through to post-merger integration, we will be with you every step of the way remaining responsive to developments and challenges arising during any stage of process.

Alternatively if you are looking to dispose of all, or divest just part of a business, we can assist with every stage of the transaction cycle from preparing a business for sale, positioning and marketing it through appropriate channels, through to negotiating a favourable deal. We leverage the experience and contacts of our team to ensure opportune investors are approached who are genuine in their desire to complete on their next strategic acquisition, cutting down the often arduous and time-consuming process of locating a viable purchaser with the means to complete of a deal.

Our corporate finance team can advise on more complex processes such as Management Buy-Ins (MBIs) and Buy-Outs (MBOs) which typically involve more stakeholders with established interests and pre-conceived notions of what the deal should look like.

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