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As ambitions for a business change, so does its funding and financing requirements. It is vital funding arrangements are revisited at regular intervals through a business’ lifecycle to ensure it is performing at optimal levels and able to take advantage of business expansion when the opportunity arises.

Whether you need to renegotiate existing terms, secure new borrowing, or are required to refinance or restructure maturing debt obligations, our specialist debt advisory experts are here to help.

Our enviable connections across the full lending spectrum, from mainstream to alternative lenders, means we can move quickly to secure funding even when time is tight. We know which lenders are likely to lend and those which are able to move at a speed which is in line with your needs.

Free Independent Business review

A thorough assessment of the company’s debt capacity along with advising on capital structures allows us to pinpoint the product which is most appropriate for your business while simultaneously ensuring you are not overburdening the business. Once the target funding source has been decided upon, we will work tirelessly to secure terms which work for you and the company. Our holistic approach ensures any finance arrangement satisfies the current business need while also remaining in line with longer term objectives.

If relations between your company and your existing lender have become strained, RBR Advisory can act as mediator, devising and implementing a workable strategy which satisfies both parties while forgoing the need for expensive legal action or lengthy drawn out negotiations.

A need to refinance due to a credit rating downgrade or a breach of lending covenants could hint at deeper issues within the business which need addressing in order to stabilise its financial position. In these instances, our debt advisory specialists work closely with our restructuring and turnaround team to get to the root of the matter and devise workable solutions to the most complex of problems.

From identifying appropriate funding channels, through to negotiating terms and sealing the deal, RBR Advisory offer a complete debt advisory service from start to finish, allowing you to focus on running your business.

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