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Complex problems require innovative solutions. Going beyond the obvious, RBR Advisory’s forensic and investigations team, offer a comprehensive, thorough, and multi-disciplinary approach, striving to protect and maintain business integrity during troubled times.

With dedicated forensic accounting, technology, and investigations teams, working collaboratively and independently, we possess an enviable depth and breadth of knowledge allowing us to assist in civil and criminal proceedings alike, uncovering and unravelling economic and technological crimes. Engaged to conduct analysis of individual transactions to wide-scale counterfeiting operations, we are adept at uncovering instances of corruption and bribery, along with implementing defences to mitigate future risk including processes for anti-money laundering (AML) and anti-bribery and corruption (ABC).

Here, there, and everywhere in between

Our ability to conduct globe-spanning operations means no one is out of reach when it comes to our investigation efforts. Our experience shines when operating within overseas jurisdictions, and thanks to our worldwide locations we are able to have a team on the ground swiftly anywhere in the world.

As the quantity of data we hold grows, and the means of accessing and transmitting this widens, ensuring you have a robust hold on your data processes is a must. Should data misuse or tampering be suspected, you must respond swiftly to preserve value, protect the brand from reputational damage, all while causing minimal disruption to operations.

Innovation at every turn

With an eye for the inventive as well as the detail, our forensic accounting team will look to quantify loss and uncover missing data to build a robust case. Through the recovery, analysis and meticulous examination of paper and electronic records we will reconstruct incomplete transactions and produce a report which is admissible in court along with providing expert testimony.

In instances of financial abnormality, our forensic technology specialists will mine digitally held data and trace financial footprints to uncover missing records which have been inadvertently lost or intentionally hidden. After collating reams of data, we absorb ourselves in the minutiae and use our expertise to ascertain what is important and what can be disregarded, honing in on relevant information to build a robust, audited, and fully evidenced case.

Simplifying the complex

Our investigations team can step in following litigation proceedings to conduct asset profiling, tracing, and recovery processes in the UK and overseas whether in matrimonial or other civil matters. We are adept at breaking down overly complex and purposefully veiled business structures to expose genuine ownership.

In counterfeiting cases we will move quickly to protect your brand and undertake extensive investigational work to uncover the distribution network and trace the proceeds. Should money laundering or terrorism funding be discovered, we will alert the relevant authorities and shut the operation down. Deploying a range of techniques from physical surveillance to online tracking, we will utilise every channel possible to protect your brand and its assets.

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