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Imbalance in control, aspirations, expectations, or a mismatched view of which direction the company is heading, can lead to disputes between shareholders which can threaten the viability of the company going forwards. These issues may arise gradually over time, or abruptly following a company merger or acquisition.

With equal shareholdings the lack of a decisive vote can lead to key boardroom decisions reaching an impasse. When issues reach a stalemate swift action is required to facilitate a resolution before this begins to impact on your business offerings or threatens to erode company value. With competing interests and differing opinions, the business can be at risk of being forgotten in the midst of an ongoing dispute; our team will ensure the best action is taken in the interests of the company, its creditors, and its shareholders.

Resolving disputes, minimising disruption

Business issues can become clouded with personal feelings and can often spiral out of control going far beyond the initial dispute. When communication has broken down to an irretrievable level, expert intervention is often the only way of resolving contentious disputes. We can offer a clear and impartial view of the situation, allowing a resolution to be agreed upon which is fair and in the best interests of all parties. An often complex area, we aim to resolve disputes before they have a detrimental impact on the company and its future as a viable entity.

Robust, independent, and legally binding determination

Acting as the appointed adviser for the purposes of expert determination, we can make a legally binding judgement on valuation or technical matters. Contractual disputes may require the case being taken down a legal route and we are adept at preparing testimonies which will stand up to the scrutiny of the court. Whether resolution is reached through a process of mediation, or whether legal channels have to be pursued in order for settlement to be achieved, our expert litigation team can utilise their vast experience to come to an appropriate resolution.

Ongoing support from a multidisciplinary team

Supporting both clients and legal professionals, our skilled team are called upon to impart our expert knowledge and familiarity in commercial cases in the most complex of matters. Our wider group interests allows us to provide a truly comprehensive service, with our corporate finance team on hand to negotiate shareholder buyouts should this be the only, or the most desirable resolution.

From an independent valuation of the company, through the due diligence process, along with full negotiations of how the exit will be executed and payment structured, we can be with you every step of the way. Alternatively, our investigations and forensic accountancy team can step in to recover lost data or uncover disguised assets should the case benefit from such input.

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