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Updated: 9th July 2019

When a client falls into insolvency attention must turn to ways and means of shielding the financial impact of this. At RBR Advisory we possess an enviable depth of knowledge within the personal and corporate insolvency industry which allows us to impart sound guidance and actionable advice when it comes to recovering debts from a financially distressed client.

Our dedicated Creditor Services team support creditors and their representatives in averting losses and maximising their financial position when a client is threatened with insolvency. Regularly engaged by asset based lenders, banks, utility and service providers, councils, and debt purchasers, we can expertly assess your position and execute an appropriate strategy tailored to your situation.

With a team of highly experienced insolvency practitioners, our vast collective experience in all manners of insolvency allows us to get to the heart of the matter, and our familiarity with insolvency law ensures we have the skills and knowledge to work towards an optimal outcome. We understand the importance of timely action when insolvency beckons, and you can count on us to act swiftly once appointed.

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A truly comprehensive offering, we will handle your case from start to finish while keeping you updated every step of the way. As a multi-disciplinary practice, we can call upon the expertise of specialists in our forensic investigations and litigation teams should the matter involve added complexities. If financial misconduct is suspected - such as misfeasance, voidable dispositions, or unlawful dividends - our expert team will leave no stone unturned to ascertain whether these concerns have a legitimate basis.

If foul play is established, we will produce a robust report which will stand up in court should legal action be pursued. With a global presence and working knowledge of jurisdictions all over the world, nowhere is out of reach.

Where assets have been supplied but payment has not been forthcoming, we can expertly guide you through the intricacies surrounding Retention of Title (ROT) and ascertain whether you have a legitimate basis for an ownership claim under this clause. Whether recovering funds or assets is the ultimate objective, we will work tirelessly for a positive outcome.

Our goal is clear, to protect your financial position as much as possible and shield you from the potential fallout when a client becomes insolvent.

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